Dear Reviewer

Thank you for agreeing to review my creative and scholarly research as part of my application for promotion to Full Professor at Tyler School of Art & Architecture, Temple University. 

As a department chair, I fully realize that this is no small undertaking during your summer break and especially now, when we are all in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. As a result, I decided to create this website, alleviating the need for printing, shipping, and handling of any printed material, during this tumultuous time. If you desire, certain items within the website can be downloaded as PDF files and printed as needed. 

I’ve included in this website a research statement as an overview narrative as a designer and writer. Throughout this website, I’ve also included some thoughts about my future initiatives. I hope to contextualize my professional practice in light of Temple University’s expectations for research, scholarship, and creative activity. I have strived to distill my work from over the last fifteen years to highlight what I believe are the important aspects of my research. It is my wish that you will have enough documentation to successfully evaluate my application. 

So, thank you again, for taking this time, and for your thoughtful and considered evaluation. 



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Dermot Mac Cormack