Design for Exhibit & Performance

Coding is an integral component of what I do, whether it’s creating a generative video projection, an installation for an exhibition, or a website or even the means to create a poster. Underneath it all, lies the foundation of code. And, creative coding is what really inspires me to discover new ways of making images, and being surprised. Because I am not a computer scientist, but a designer, I am code agnostic and have no qualms about moving on to another coding language if I believe it can achieve the goals I have set for myself. In the process, however (and I write about this in some of the pieces shown below) I am always looking to be surprised by the code, and what it might deliver. I may have a particular image in my mind but if the code leads me down another path, I will follow it if I think the outcome will be successful. For me, coding can also sometimes be a meditative way of working (although I would be the first to admit it can be frustrating at times too) and I appreciate the quiet time involved in getting a project into shape. There is a lot of unseen work that goes into these projects, lots of trial and error, and learning of course, always learning. The projects shown here run the gamut from Actionscript to Max/MSP to Augmented Reality (AR) and a few coding languages in between. When all is said and done, the code fades to the background, the parameters have been set, and the rest is up to the viewer. Coding is possibilities, evolving, and never done, and for that reason, I plan to keep coding as a central expression of my design practice. 


Performance & Installations