Although the nature and role of posters in our culture have changed dramatically over recent decades, especially in the US, they still have a role to play in our society. With the advent of technologies, both for creation, and the distribution of posters, I believe that posters have evolved and can still be used as a tool for tackling social issues, political issues as well as promoting events and exhibitions. Over the years, my process has become more digital, and incorporating creative coding into their creation is something that I will continue to explore in the future. While the majority of projects in our studio tend to be long-term affairs, the design of posters, generally, offers a quicker path to resolution. This urgency tends to focus the mind and exerts pressure to distill the essence of the message into a condensed means of communication. If a website or an animation is like a novella, then a poster can be like a poem, direct and to the point, and that is why I will continue to pursue this medium while incorporating technologies along the way. Below, are a series of posters, broken into two groupings: posters for the public good, and event and miscellaneous posters.

Posters for the public good

Event & miscellaneous posters