Never Underestimate the Power of Nature

The Hurricane Poster Project

The Power of Nature


Art direction:
Dermot Mac Cormack
Patricia McElroy

Dermot Mac Cormack
Patricia McElroy

Dermot Mac Cormack

Patricia McElroy

Every designer involved in this project donated their services to this worthy cause. 21xdesign donated this poster for The Hurricane Poster Project, to help raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Posters were sold on a dedicated website to raise money for this tragedy. While the actual website no longer exists, you can read more about this project here.



The Hurricane Poster Project 2016
Invited to create a poster to help this event. Posters were made available for purchase on a dedicated website. Selected for the touring exhibition in Louisiana

VI International 4th Block Triennial of Eco Posters‘Chernobyl Twenty Years On’
Invited to Exhibit
Exhibition: Ukraine, Russia

2019 Retroavangarda International Online Gallery Exhibition
Invitational – selected to exhibit in this international online gallery

Posters for the public good

Event & miscellaneous posters