Silence = More Violence


We the women poster

We The Women

Art direction:
Patricia McElroy
Dermot Mac Cormack

Patricia McElroy
Dermot Mac Cormack

Patricia McElroy
Julie Lam
Dermot Mac Cormack

Patricia McElroy

We the Women is a poster collective with a focus on supporting the rights of women in the United States.

Designers were invited to contribute their talents in the form of poster designs. Each designer’s unique perspective is represented in the collection and is a response to attacks on women’s rights. 

The victims of abuse are often shamed into a silent hell that lets their perpetrators go free and continue abusing. We wanted to draw attention to the loneliness and fear that victims feel and encourage them to speak out.

This poster was part of a successful series of We The Women exhibits that call attention to the rights of women.


2021 Graphis Poster Annual (International)
Silver Award
Pedersen Design Group New York NY

We The Women Design
Invited to submit for exhibit
Exhibition: The African American Museum Philadelphia 2019

2019 Retroavangarda International Online Gallery Exhibition
Invitational exhibition curated by Anna Klos

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