Type Tiles: An Abstracted Alphabet


AIGA C poster


Art direction:
Dermot Mac Cormack

Dermot Mac Cormack
Patricia McElroy

Dermot Mac Cormack

Dermot Mac Cormack

Invited Designers were asked to select a letter from the alphabet and create a pattern based on that chosen letter. The posters appeared in an exhibition called “Type Tiles” which was shown during the annual Design Philadelphia week at the American Institue of Architecture on Race Street, in Philadelphia.

I approached this project by thinking about new typographic forms and ways to illustrate, or possibly program a pattern. I had been researching dynamically altering fonts using the Processing language and that’s where this project truly began, through the iterations developed by coding letterforms. After experimenting with various coding approaches in Processing, I settled on an output that might yield an unusual outcome or at least something that might be unexpected. Eventually letting the software run through its paces, I output various “captures” as PDF outputs which were then imported back into Illustrator to create the final C pattern, you see in the poster. 

While the final poster/pattern is certainly a direct result of programming, with mathematical parameters at its core, once again the final output yielded this intricate and finely detailed pattern, which was a refreshing surprise. We liked that it was both in our control, and yet out of our control that made this project so interesting, aside from the fact that we also favored the pattern on a purely aesthetic level.


2018 AIGA: Type Tiles – An Abstracted Alphabet
(American Institute of Graphic Arts)
Invitational Exhibition
AIA Center for Architecture
October 2017

2018 Graphis Typography  (International)
Silver Award
Pedersen Design Group, New York, NY, Fall 2017.

2018 Creative Quarterly 50
Artisanal Media

2019 Retroavangarda International Online Gallery Exhibition
Invitational exhibition curated by Anna Klos

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