Blue Ensō

Online video installation

blue screenshot 1
blue enzo screenshot 3
blue enzo screenshot 3
blue enzo code
blue enzo code 2
Out of Context flyer

Out of Context
Philly Tech Week, online exhibtion

Art direction & Design:
Dermot Mac Cormack

Dermot Mac Cormack

This is the third digital Enzo (the other two can be viewed here) in the series. I was invited to create a digital piece for a curated online exhibition “Out of Context” to be showcased on a dedicated website during Philly Tech Week. In this iteration, once again the parameters are dictated in the code but this time I used the Processing language, as Actionscript had become outmoded and Processing provides a more intuitive space to work with. It is also part of a large and vibrant online community. Once triggered by the accompanying audio, the rotating circles function in tandem to create a generative, reactive Enzo, one that is ever-changing. By displacing the act of painting by hand, into the virtual realm of code and audio, this out-of-context environment recreates itself, endlessly, and yet it curiously retains a painterly quality, due in part, to the configuration of the code, and in truth, my inexperience in programming with Processing at that time, which pushes the reactive coordinates in ever-increasing ways, so much so that the application “struggles” in part to keep in pace with coded instructions. I actually like this mode of “not knowing” when it comes to coding. Not only is this a pivotal Buddhist teaching, but it also allows for accidents to occur, and to be ultimately surprised by the outcome, which I appreciate.


Out of Context
Showcased on the curated online exhibition
April 28 – May 6, 2017


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