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Generative video projection with pianist Julia Sheriff

Creating responsive, video projections for a series of national performances was an exciting challenge and gave me the opportunity to collaborate with the gifted pianist, Julia Sheriff, and delve deeper into a programming language that would enable me to further explore generative image-making that is triggered by audio input. These bi-coastal performances showcased Julia’s formidable talents as a performer. As Julia performs, the audio from the piano (in this case, I used the parameters of pitch and volume) was integrated with MAX MSP to create real-time, generative forms that were synchronistically projected onto a large video screen behind the artist on stage. Images endlessly metamorphosed and gyrated along with the music. These multifaceted triangular shapes were triggered by each note and became a visual accompaniment to the musical performance. Unlike the production for the Crystallina performance (see here) I was also able to control the spin velocity, and for each composition that Julia played, I was able to build a color palette along with varied rates of change that gave me a sense of creating in real-time alongside Julia’s formidable talents. The video shown here was taken from the performance in Boyer College of Music, Rock Hall Auditorium, Philadelphia.


Performed at:
Boyer College of Music,
Rock Hall Auditorium,
April 13th, 2013.

Yale University Sudler Recital Hall
100 Wall Street New Haven CT.

FAWN Chamber Creative
Array Space 155 Walnut Ave.

Ruth Asawa School of the Arts, & San Francisco Community Arts Center,
San Francisco

Projection play screen grab
Projection Play screen grab
Projection Play screen grab
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