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21xdesign website
21xdesign website
21xdesign website


Art direction:
Dermot Mac Cormack
Patricia McElroy

Dermot Mac Cormack
Patricia McElroy

Patricia McElroy

Dermot Mac Cormack
Anthony DeLuca
Mary Claire Cruz
Colleen DiMenna


21xdesign.com is the promotional website for my design practice. This website features a selection of commercial and experimental projects that the studio has developed over the years. Visitors can read about each project, see examples and when possible connect to a link provided to view the project in real-time. The site includes case studies that discuss specific projects in more depth explaining the thought process and development. The blog allows us to highlight new projects, comment on, and draw attention to interesting design & art matters.

We also designed the site so that viewers can quickly view the contents of the site and get a comprehensive overview of the kind of work 21xdesign has created.



2015 Graphis Design Annual (International)
Merit Award
Pedersen Design Group New York NY 

Horizon Interactive Awards 2013 (International)
Gold Award
For the 21xdesign website in the “Self-Promotional Website” category