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Since this is quite a large site with over 800+ pages, here’s a video overview of the site to give you a quick overview.

Delco Libraries
Delco Library website

Delaware County Library System

Art direction:
Patricia McElroy
Dermot Mac Cormack

Dermot Mac Cormack
Patricia McElroy
Colleen DeMenna

Rock River

The Delaware County Library System’s original website was saddled with a glut of information and confusing hierarchy. Although the site contained incredibly useful information there was so much of it that it was buried under a labyrinth of poor UX/UI. Consequently, this was one of the first sites we created that we did extensive design research, and did user testing, created customer profiles, competitor analysis, all before we began to work on the visual aspects of the design. We allocated extensive time to the design research because the goal was to create a responsive site that would allow breathing space for multiple forms of information, yet have those resources be easily navigable and understood to a wide audience. Simplifying complex information is something I believe our studio is adept at and while this website redesign was a daunting challenge, and a massive undertaking, we relished the opportunity to improve their site and enable users to avail of all the amazing content the library system has to offer. Visually, the visible-grid design presents different categories that precisely guide visitors to various points of interest. We consolidated a lot of the linked information from the old site into an e-Resource library where hundreds of links can be accessed through keyword categories listed down the side of the page. To keep up with the Library Systems’ daily happenings, a real-time calendar of events is also featured on most pages. Of course, the website works responsively on mobile and surface devices, where a good portion of the Library Systems viewers routinely access their site. The ability to share information, and help guide people through the vast amount of content, is something that I personally cherish as a challenge. And, knowing that this site helps young and old alike, is what makes projects like this so distinct for me. 

We also collaborated with the Drupal development team at Rock River Star to create this site, as the use of the content management system (CMS), Drupal, was a requirement from the client. 


Horizon Interactive Awards 2017 (International)
Recognizing Excellence in Interactive Media Production
Silver Award in the ‘Government Agency’ category