The Irish Memorial

The National Irish Famine Memorial Project website

Irish memorial website
Irish memorial website
Irish memorial website
Irish memorial website


Art direction:
Patricia McElroy
Dermot Mac Cormack

Dermot Mac Cormack
Patricia McElroy

Patricia McElroy

Dermot MacCormack
Anthony DeLuca
Brandon Wherley
Julie Lam

The Irish Memorial website was created to highlight the events, news, and stories that take place in and around the Irish Memorial park in Philadelphia.

It shares the history of the “Great Hunger” that was the catalyst for mass emigration from Ireland to America in the mid 19th century. The site covers annual events and information on how to visit the Memorial as well as galleries of images. It also offers a forum for people to share their stories of emigration.

“From the day we started working with Dermot and Patricia and their team at 21xdesign they have been an integral part of our team at The Irish Memorial. Their dedication and talent has been apparent and appreciated by all of us. The work they created for the Memorial is always thoughtful, considered, and appropriate to the mission of the Memorial, which is to educate future generations about this tragic period in Irish history.”
— Bob Gessler, President The Irish Memorial

Growing up in Ireland, the Famine, or the Great Hunger, was something that captured my imagination at an early age. It was a privilege to be invited to collaborate on this significant project for the city of Philadelphia, and we dedicated ourselves to this project, from the intensive research of the written content, right down to the exploration of the typography of the ancient Ogham writing which adorns the tall standing stones at the entrance to the park. 

The information stations are the primary source of the educational component within the park, and it’s wonderful to know that thousands of people from all walks of life, will be able to spend time in this park and learn about this pivotal event in Irish history.



Horizon Interactive Awards 2018 (International)
Recognizing Excellence in Interactive Media Production
Bronze Award in the ‘Advocacy/Non-Profit’ Category