Imbelnhi’s Bestiary


bestiary book cover

Flying Nightbear Games

Art direction:
Patricia McElroy
Dermot Mac Cormack

Patricia McElroy
Dermot Mac Cormack

Patricia McElroy,
Dermot Mac Cormack
Mary Claire Cruz,
Anthony DeLuca
John Kutlu
Sean Broderick

Imbelnhi’s Bestiary illustrates a compendium of creatures that inhabit the fantasy world of Tamarra. Game enthusiasts and players of the role-playing game Beyonder purchase this book as a means to learn from and immerse themselves in the world of Beyonder. This book is a compendium of illustrated beasts from this imagined world, coupled with stories about each character. We created the short tales that follow each illustrated beast, an important feature by designing artwork that envisions aged parchment paper, serving to give some reality and humanity to the book. This book is one of the focal points of the collection of materials we created for Beyonder. We also two books: Imbelhni’s Bestiary & Beyonder, the Science of the Six, and



2016 Graphis Design Annual (International)
Silver Award
Pedersen Design Group New York NY 

Print Magazine, Regional Design Annual 2015
Featured Winner
Print’s Regional Design Annual, RC Publications, New York

Publication Design

Cover Design