The Science of the Six


Beyonder book cover

Flying Nightbear Games

Art direction: 
Patricia McElroy
Dermot Mac Cormack

Patricia McElroy
Dermot Mac Cormack

Patricia McElroy,
Dermot Mac Cormack
Mary Claire Cruz,
Anthony DeLuca
John Kutlu
Sean Broderick

Beyonder: The Science of the Six is the rulebook for this RPG. However, it also contains a series of illustrations and drawings that make this much more than just a rulebook. It is a collector’s book.

Since this book is set in the past, we wanted to give the book a flavor of the period described in the narrative. We felt it should have an aged but honored sense about its presentation. Close attention was paid to all details to enhance the feeling of an ancient world. The map we created of this fantasy world (using the original map created by FNB), was illustrated to bring this fantasy world to life for players.

This book is one of the focal points of the overall branding of the Beyonder 
role-playing game.

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2016 Graphis Design Annual (International)
Merit Award
Pedersen Design Group New York NY 

Publication Design

Cover Design